How will you develop the people (build capacity)?


The ability to reflect on results and incorporate learning back into decision-making is an essential component to building capacity in any organization as well as:

  • The ability to bring people together around a common goal
  • Consensus-building skills
  • Manage expectations and foster trust through transparency and participation
  • Fostering understanding and empathy
  • Valuing diversity, flexibility, creativity and respect
  • Making engagement the norm and not the exception

Developing leaders at a steady pace using continuous performance improvement concepts expands an organizations; capacity to do business even in the hardest of economic times. Building capacity is about maintaining a sustainable completive edge. 

Safe, efficient, quality, coat effective processes where everyone brings the very best to the table everyday.

Some of these methods and tools will become ingrained in the very fiber of the company but not without strategy, support and rigor. 

Support for building capacity can come in many forms but some of the easiest and simplest ways ensure improvement is by the use of performance support tools Job-Aids and making the shop floor visual, Visual Shop. Make it easy to do the right thing all the time.